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SOCCER Consulting - Scheduling-Cash Budget-Strategy, Consulting sports facilities

  • Offering a number of creative development options for sports facilities and recreation centres
  • Providing professional support with production site analysis, business plan as well as finance for prospective companies operating soccerhalls and small soccer pitches
  • Managing business premises and providing options for costumers operating soccer halls
  • Advanced training for soccer hall’s personnel
  • Financing concepts and ad campaigns tailored to your individual needs

In collaboration with selective partners we are generating the right idea for you. Our service will be exclusively provided through us - the designated contactperson – you will get anything one-stop. Just the very first idea, devising concept, its implementation up to the final hand-over of keys.The entire world of soccer – Soccer’s coming home!

Die ganze Welt des Fußballs. Wir bringen das SOCCERFIEBER in Ihre Region.

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