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What is a SOCCER FIELD mobile?

The SOCCER FIELD is the perfect solution for being able to play soccer at anytime and at any place, where you usually couldn’t (pedestrian zone, companypremises, parks, public viewing, or similar) – because the SOCCER FIELD isa smaller mobile Soccer-Playing-Field, which can be used by 4 up to 10players at the same time. It is a perfect combination of sport and fun at anyplace and any time.


The SOCCER FIELD consists out of:
• mobile, weatherproof side board elements and SOCCER FIELD head
elements with a length of 6.56 ft and a side board height of
approximately 2.95 ft
• total height of construction of the perimeter sides - approximately
3.28 ft, material - PVC-perimeter elements (6.50 x 2.82 ft, 0.98
inches thick), foam-filled with polyurethane, white, smooth, anti-static,
physiologically harmless, weatherproof, impact resistant, soundproof,
framed with Aluminum-U-Profiles (1.18 inches with radius), with
lateral suspension device, upper handrail with nut for net attachment
• elements with a smooth, white, synthetic surface, which is resistant
against stress due to shock or impact – also highly effective for public
• 2 times the access to the fun (SOCCER FIELD), located in the
center of both long sides, while both entry areas are made of
aluminum (1.96 ft wide) and each support base stand has an
aluminum-square-profile (2.36 x 2.36 inches) with radius, 3.08 ft in
height, throat depth 2.62 ft, with integrated weights (approximately
22.06 LB / per piece) and lateral milled in keyways for attachment of
the perimeter elements
• the goals with different sizes – depending on size of the playing field
– with an aluminum-square-profile (3.14 x 3.14 inches) with radius
and nut for net attachment and milled in keyways for attachment of
the perimeter elem. as well (goal post with perimeter is flush fitted)
• green goal nets with 3.90 inches thick loops
The SOCCER FIELD has a total height of 9.84ft above ground (or optional 13.12
ft total height, loops 3.90 inches, thickness 0.11 inches). That guarantees
pure fun because the ball always stays in the game and is not constantly out
of bounds.


Through the variability of the individual elements the SOCCER FIELDcan be
delivered and build with the surrounding ball-trapping board construction
in all desired sizes. However, we recommend the following Sizes, which
have prevailed at various occasions:
13.67 yd x 7.65 yd Goals: 5.90x3.94 ft = 2 against 2
16.40 yd x 10.93 yd Goals: 6.56x4.92 ft = 3 against 3
19.68 yd x 13.12 yd Goals: 9.84x6.56 ft = 4 against 4; 5 against 5


The SOCCER FIELDis pre-eminently appropriate for events and deployment
opportunities of all kind – such as:
• Street fairs, Amusement parks and facilities, Outdoor Swimming facilities,
Playgrounds (indoor & outdoor)
• Colleges of physical education, Youth organizations and facilities,
• Soccer Clubs and federations, Sports Fairs, Soccer-Halls
• Sport-Events-Agencies, Public Viewing Activities, Companies
with sports activities, Public Relations and other Marketing activities
• Holiday Resorts, Hotels with sports facilities and areas
Another advantage is that the SOCCER FIELD can be set up on any kind of
floor (base) and it can be played on natural grass, artificial turf, asphalt, concrete,
cobblestone, carpet, wood, sand, cinder fields or similar.


Also optional is the special artificial turf in highest quality. Due to this mobile
and complete artificial sports turf the quality and advantage of the game
increases significantly - not to forget the perfect image of the ‘green playing-


You have the option to have the SOCCER FIELD delivered directly to you
with a complete individually designed branding (perimeter advertising),
namely to be made to customer’s specifications. For this - we gladly create
appropriate previews in order to produce and assemble accordingly upon
approval of these. The material of the perimeter and banner advertising
consists out of a high gloss film, which is additionally laminated with a transparent,
washable clear laminate - resistant against stress due to shock or
scratches - as a protective cover.



Through the simple space saving locking system of the individual elements,the SOCCER FIELD can be transported without a problem with a biggerstation wagon, standard light vans (for example Sprinter, Crafter or similar)or a small trailer. The assembling is simple and self explanatory with theattached assembly instruction but you also have the option to have thatdone by TRENDSPORT RUMMENIGGE.The SOCCER FIELD can be rented or bought at TRENDSPORTRUMMENIGGE!! We will be pleased to provide you with an offeror quote.

Here you find our PDF.

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