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The SOCCER FIELD is the perfect solution for being able to play
Soccer on a smaller playing field in a (sports)-hall in a clearly
outlined space - through perimeter board and nets – in the most
enduring and highest game quality possible. With the stationary
SOCCER FIELD you have a firmly installed smaller Soccer-
Playing-Field, which can be used in a hall by 6 up to 16 players
at the same time. It is a perfect combination of sport and fun at
any place and any time!


The SOCCER FIELD consists out of:
• High-tensile perimeter board elements, which are connected
with each other through a steel-construction and grounded
with special screws and dowels, while the anchoring into the
ground is done with thread rods, which are doweled into the
ground with a pottant (successful prevention of loosening of
dowels over the intervening years)

• The total height of the perimeter structure – approximately
3.28 ft
• A high density fiberboard on both sides of the steel-framebase
construction, while the upper rim of the perimeter system
is comprised of an aluminum-handrail to which the lateral balltrapping
nets are attached over the total length of perimeter
• The perimeter elements – white on both sides (inside out) with
high impact resistance, sound-proof, with extremely high
stability and highly effective for public advertising
• The entry areas to the fun (SOCCER FIELD), which are usually
located in the corners of the playing field (alternatively there
can be an additional access created through a small door in
the soccer goals)
• The premium aluminum-goals with an oval profile (3.94 x 4.72
inches thick/original “WM”-Goal profile of the Soccer
Championship 2006), welded shut with integrated net
attachment (goal size depends on customer’s order and
respectively playing field)
• The goal nets with a loop size of 1.96 inches and a thickness
from 0.15-0.19 inches (colors are usually green, black, white
and yellow)
• A ball-trapping construction, which completely overarches
and braids the total playing field – depending on hall structure
– the net-trapping cages can be connected with the hall
construction without posts, only strained on steel ropes (f.e. on
gluelam, steel or stone posts or similar); should the fixation of
the steel ropes not be possible with the hall structure, a steel
frame construction would be available as well and the
trapping-net cage has a variable height – depending on height
of hall
• A net thickness on the perimeter sides of the playing field 0.15
inches, on the head sides 0.19 inches and on the ceiling 0.09
inches polypropylene, optional in green and/or black
The surrounding ball-trapping construction guarantees pure
soccer fun because the ball always stays in the game and is not
constantly out of bounds. This construction has been officially
inspected and certified!

Flexible Sizes for the Playing Field

The SOOCER FIELD can basically be delivered and installed in
all desired sizes. However, we recommend the following sizes,
which have prevailed at various occasions:
16.40 x 10.93 yd Goals: 6.56 x 4.92 ft = 2 ag. 2, 3 ag. 3
25.15 x 16.40 yd Goals: 9.84 x 6.56 ft = 3 ag. 3 or 4 ag. 4
32.80 x 16.40 yd Goals: 13.12 x 6.56 ft = 5 ag.. 5
37.18 x 18.59 yd Goals: 13.12 x 6.56 ft = 6 ag. 6
49.21 x 32.80 yd Goals: 16.40 x 6.56 ft = 7 ag. 7, 8 ag.8
In each court you have the option of getting additional variability
regarding the size of the playing field in the soccer hall by
reducing – respectively subdividing the space with mobile perimeter
and net elements, which have special suspension devices!


The stationary indoor SOCCER FIELD is pre-eminently appropriate
for assembly into:
• already existing sports halls and recreation centers, riding-halls, tennis centers, industrial and store facilities or similar)
• ideally of course in especially designed and to be build Soccer-Halls (see Soccer Building & Consulting)
The utilization of the SOCCER FIELD is not only limited to soccer
but also to other sports like handball, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball,
badminton or similar) due to the possibility of respective
and easy to accomplish structural modification.


Basically the Buyer is responsible for providing the subsoil for the SOCCER FIELD. TRENDSPORT RUMMENIGGE will give a detailed description about what kind of subsoil to have to the buyer, so that the SOCCER FIELD can be assembled without problems.

Usually the SOCCER FIELD can be assembled without any problems on an existing subsoil, which is already fortified (asphalt or concrete or similar).



Also optional is the delivery of a special artificial sports turf in
highest quality. This special artificial turf can be delivered as
mobile or stationary complete system or as stationary back-filled
system (each including the respective elastic layer – mobile
or firmly installed as well). Through our various special and high
quality artificial sports turf systems, naturally the quality and
advantage of the game increases significantly - not to forget the
perfect image of the ‘green playing-field ’.
Of course we will be pleased to offer you special artificial sports
turf systems - individually designed for your facility - at any time!


You have the option to have the SOCCER FIELD delivered directly
to you with a complete
individually designed branding (perimeter advertising), namely
to be made to customer’s specifications. For this - we gladly
create appropriate previews in order to produce and assemble
accordingly upon approval of these. The material of the perimeter
and banner advertising consists out of a high gloss film,
which is additionally laminated with a transparent, washable
clear laminate - resistant against stress due to shock or scratches
- as a protective cover.


Through the prefabricated elements a fast installation can be
accomplished within shortest time – usually only 7-21 days for a
complete hall.
The SOCCER FIELD can be rented or bought at TRENDSPORT
RUMMENIGGE!! We will be pleased to provide you with an
offer or quote!
Additionally to the soccer-court-construction, we offer the
complete product portfolio for planning, installation, financing
and maintaining of a complete SOCCER HALL as well

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