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What is Rummenigge's SOCCER CAGE?


The rules are plain and simple:
• You play one against one - fair but competitive
• The Winner is, whoever launches the ball three times into the
goal first or whoever skilfully manages to play the ball through
his opponents legs and then gaining control over it right after
that again.


The SOCCER CAGE consists out of:
• 10 mobile, weatherproof aluminium-‘KU-Elements’, which are easily and fast assembled
• The court has a total height of approximately 7.54 ft and a diameter of 16.40 ft
• In the lower section there are perimeter elements (approximately 3.28 ft in height), which are made out of white KU-boards, resistant against stress due to shock or scratches and ideally suited for advertising purposes
• In the upper rim of the court is another perimeter advertising ring (4.92 x 0.66 ft), which can also be used through branding
• In two opposing elements there are small goals (3.28 x 1.64 ft) situated – firmly connected to the goal element (as a retractable device)
• The access door with mechanical cylinder lock is integrated into another perimeter element

• The nets are located between board and upper perimeter
advertising and they give the SOCCER CAGE its name because
the player has the feeling to play in a cage and therefore gets
the ultimate kick.
The SOCCER CAGE is easy to assemble because of its 10 individual
court elements (each not much bigger than a regular door) and
therefore it also is extremely space saving and can be transported
with practically any type of transporter (for example: Sprinter, Crafter)


The SOCCER CAGE is the ultimate sports equipment for events at:
• Public places, precincts, outdoor swimming facilities and
indoor halls and facilities, playgrounds (indoor & outdoor),
beach, soccer-halls or similar
It immediately increases the activity and fun factor in every
regard at indoor and outdoor facilities – such as:
• Sports clubs, Soccer clubs, Schools, Kindergarten,
Amusement parks, Campgrounds, etc.
Another advantage is that the SOCCER CAGE can be set up on any
kind of floor (base) and it can be played on natural grass, artificial
turf, asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, carpet, wood, sand, cinder
fields or similar
The SOCCER CAGE is also and most of all appropriate as an ideal
Marketing Tool in order to design the local events and actions with
even more success, more active and even more interesting at:
• Sports-Event-Agencies, Companies, Hotels, Fairs, etc.


Also optional is the special artificial turf in highest quality. Due to
this mobile and complete artificial turf the Quality and
Advantage of the game increases significantly - not to forget the
perfect image of the ‘green playing- field’.


Due to the easy to use plug-in system consisting of 10 single elements
(fillister head screws M10), no element larger than a normal
room door, the SOCCERCAGE can be assembled easily and spacesaving.
The transport can be managed without a problem with a bigger
station wagon, standard light vans or a small trailer.
Further info about the SOCCER CAGE available on

Here is our PDF.

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